A fusion between an accommodation website and a travel marketplace which people can list their non-refundable hotel reservations for sale and offer them to buyers at a discounted price.

The new travel Marketplace

When you book a non-refundable reservation you may pay less but if the plans change you will probably loose your money.

What supposed to be an exciting and promising vacation suddenly becomes an expensive waste. And yet, on the flip side, there are always travelers looking for a good price, whether for a weekend getaway or a spontaneous road trip.

That’s why we created Click Click Booking, to connect the people who are paying for an empty hotel room with the travelers looking for a good deal.

But what we do isn’t the only thing that makes us unique, it’s also how we do it. Our automated validation system verifies the authenticity of every single reservation on our website.

For buyers, this process guarantees that what you see is what you get. And for sellers, our secure payment vault ensures that the money from your sale will always come into your pocket.

When you book a hotel room with us, you’re not only getting the best price, you can also be helping someone out.

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